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At Bright-Werx we provide you with high quality chrome plating for ATV, Dirt Bike or other toys.

Sample of ChromeWe here at Bright-Werx are your chrome “go to” guys. We are perfectionists to say the least. If it isn't good enough to go on our own rigs, then we know you won't like it either.

Take a moment to look over all our pictures and price lists for both Honda and Yamaha ATV’s. If you own another brand, model or style, have no fear, we can do your parts too. In some instances we might need to see a picture of it or in person first to determine the price and difficulty.

If you have an old car your restoring, a hot rod you're building, a road bike you're dressing up to kill….heck even your old favorite 70’s stingray that your dolling up for a collection…we can probably chrome it.

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We can chrome the following:
Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass

Another Sample of ChromeFor all your threaded hardware we use a zinc plating process.

We can also show polish your stainless, aluminum, brass & copper. In addition to powder coating items as large as a sand rail frame

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Chrome Sample - Click for full size image Chrome Sample - Click for full size image

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